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Aloha Hawaiian Salt Scrub with Pineapple

Aloha Hawaiian Salt Scrub with Pineapple


Sea salt is blended with fresh fruit extracts, and floral essential oil's to transport your senses to the beautiful tropical destination of Hawaii. Pineapple extracts to exfoliate dead cells on the skin surface, and papaya extract,t refreshing and balancing . Papaya extract soothe's summer skin exposed to the elements..

We add the sweet exotic floral scent of Madagascar ylang ylang , and Bulgarian lavender, Italian orange peel oil, and Italian lemon peel oil. This sea salt body treatment will leave your skin scented with the tropics. The combination of warm coconut, salt and oils leaves you exfoliated, smooth, and moisturized. This treatment will conjure up the exotic destination of Hawaii with the island breeze, and the scent of flowers.


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