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Japanese women have coveted the secret of Maitake's anti-aging capabilities for centuries.  We add pure shea butter and mango butter with pure cold pressed avocado and grape seed oil .

We then blend super hydrating hyaluronic acid which diminishes in our skin as we age. Hyaluronic acid helps to ease wrinkles, fine lines, and smooth the surface of the skin while giving a gentle plumping action. It is proven that antioxidants found in mushrooms help to slow the aging of the skin.

Maitake is rich in beta glucans. B-glucans are natural cell wall polysaccharides (found in maitake) these polysacchardies help to maintain a smooth healthy, and youthful appearance,while promoting collagen building. B-glucans are also considered hydrating. B-glucans aid in wound healing, and aiding the skin to repair from UV sun exposure, and burns.

~B-glucans are also skin permeable.

~anti-tyrosinase Maitake has capabilities of reducing melanin content and inhibit the production of tyroinase activity on the skin. Skin is brighter, and lighter in tone and appears more even since mushrooms have a naturally occurring kojic acid this acid helps to lighten skin cells.

~anti-hyaluronidase (hydrating) mushrooms contain a polysaccharide  that works to hydrate the skin by attracting moisture (similar to hyaluronic acid). 

~ anti-collagenase (stimulates collagen synthesis by dermal fibroblasts

~anti-elastase (skin elasticity) 

~antioxidant protection- Maitake holds high antioxidant potential, and can help fight free radicals, and strengthen the skins barrier.


~anti-inflammatory and this helps with excessive free radical damage helping to maintain skins youthfulness. Inflammation contributes to the aging process. Maitake is high in vitamin D and selenium which helps with conditions such as acne, and rosacea. Maitake helps skin's natural defenses , and to restore elasticity, and stimulate collagen.

~beneficial for atopic dermatitis ( by reducing serum IgE mast cells infiltration and cytokines expression) 

~Proven to augment sebaceous lipogenesis . Maitake extract  is likely to be a unique agent leading to remission of dry skin.

weight -2oz 60 grams