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French Clay Mask with Ivory Matcha Tea

French Clay Mask with Ivory Matcha Tea


Two sun dried clay's from France  french green clay contains silica, magnesium calcium, iron, , titanium , potassium, and sodium. It is prepared by sun drying, and crushing, it removes impurities, and stimulates blood flow encouraging healthy glowing skin it causes pores to tighten, and skin to feel firm, and toned. Green clay is also great applied as a poultice to  insect bites, stings, and acne skin.

 Suitable for all skin types. French pink clay is added it is a combination of two clay red, and white, and the mildest of all clay's for sensitive, and mature skin types.  It 's composition is Its unique composition includes Kaolinite, Iron, Illite, Montmorillonite and Calcite. We then add super fine Kaolin to absorb impurities , and soothe. Kenyan Ivory Matcha tea is added for antioxidant values. Bulgarian lavender is added to calm skin conditions this is very beneficial for acne break outs, and mature skin. It can be applied to neck, and decollete to firm neck skin. We advise to apply the mask three times a week to see firming of the skin on neck , and face. Teens love this mask to dry breakouts, and calm acne~

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