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Skin Reset Home Spa Facial

Skin Reset Home Spa Facial


#1- After Cleansing with Botanical Cleanser apply a quarter size amount of Microdermabrasion Cream to clean skin and gently exfoliate dry skin using the pads of your fingers in a gentle circular motion. Avoid under eye area and lip area .

Remove by rinsing your face with warm water and or a soft cloth.

#2- Follow with Skin Reset Glacial Clay and Radiance Toner 

Mix 2 Tbsp of Glacial Organic Clay with 1 Tbsp of Radiance Toner with Sea minerals,  adjust consistency accordingly, it should be the consistency of cream not milk .

Apply to skin ( avoid eye area and lip area ) leave mask on skin for twenty minutes until nearly dry .

Gently rinse off with warm water or use a wash cloth with warm water .

#3- Gently spritz a layer of Radiance Toner treatment to close pores and balance skins biome .

#4 Apply Hydrate Moisture Cream or Restore Night Cream with Lavender oil to calm the skin and reduce any redness .

*You May also like a mini spot treatment to target a blemish, just reduce the amount of Clay and water and dab on the pimple to dry and heal the spot .