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Skinny Dippin’ Coconut & Mango Sea Salt Scrub


Tropical memories of Jamaica with the island breeze of Montego Bay. Sea Salt from the french Antilles is combined with warm virgin coconut oil, and extracts of sweet mango. Mango extract is soothing to sun exposed skin. The scent of the coconut , and the mango is intoxicating we then add fresh key lime oil with the aroma of sweet lime candy, a fun aroma with the sweet tart citrus brightness similar to that of the fresh fruit. It is cooling, and cleansing, uplifting, and refreshing. It is known to bring clarity of thought, and concentration. It also opens the breathing passages.

We then add lemon oil as a top note this oil will leave you feeling happy- "uplifting , enhancing, and invigorating are the effects of the lemon and lime added with the exfoliating benefits of the french sea salt, we created this scrub for those that love coconut , mango, lemon lime to transport your senses to the island, and uplift your spirits. A little vacation in the winter months~

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