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Metamorphosis is a line of skincare products that were created for spa treatments. The skin care line is created with nature's finest botanical's. Denise Lauzon is an Esthetician with over thirty  years in the spa and beauty industry.  

After reading the labels of expensive chemical filled products, Denise began making her own products to use during her spa treatments, preferring a more holistic approach she began creating healing creams, and facial products using natural ingredients.

 The first signature product was a cream made for sensitive skin, it was made in small batches and poured into cobalt glass jars. It worked so well her customers began requesting a jar of their own.
The cream was called Damage Control and it soon became a cult favorite. It has been included in the Grammy Gift Bags and featured on a segment of The Today Show, with Bobby Thomas of Beauty Buzz.

Denise has studied natural medicine for many years and has great respect for the healing capabilities and the significance plants have to cosmetic science. She combines her belief in plant medicine, with her knowledge in cosmetic chemistry and cosmetic development.

 Denise creates natural products that keep your skin looking youthful and feeling revitalized and rejuvenated. 



Denise Lauzon