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At Metamorphosis we create natural skin care products using the finest ingredients that nature can provide . We add Ontario bees wax to our balms as a natural protectant as well as Canadian Hemp oil to relieve dry sensitive skin. Our "Miracle Hand Balm" with Australian Tea tree oil is antiseptic and antibacterial. It  works on dry hands, cuts bites, and protects the skin from germs and bacteria. It even helps to relieve sore joints hemp oil and Tea tree oil work in tandem and have anti-inflammatory capabilities. 

 Our scrubs are created to evoke memories and transport your senses to exotic destinations.  The lavender fields of France, a summer in Muskoka, or an espresso in a quaint Italian village.

 We start with mineral rich sea salt  to exfoliate, and leave your skin feeling revitalized, and smooth. In our products you will find nature is alive and well with ingredients like Nova Scotia seaweed, cell renewing fruit extracts, and therapeutic plant oils. Metamorphosis  products are vegan, cruelty-free, with no synthetic fragrances, or additives, just aromatic essential oils to treat the senses, and revitalize your spirit.

We choose to partner with small sustainable suppliers, and local farms that grow responsibly, and ethically. Canada has a diverse and rich bounty of natural ingredients. Metamorphosis skin product's are hand made using fresh ingredients, delivered right from Mother Nature.

  At Metamorphosis we care about family, and community and like to give back , and serve in many ways . It matters to us, each ingredient we purchase from our sources provides income for their families, and supports their community, it is a chain of mutual support. We form relationships with our customers and ties with our farmers,  apiaries, and suppliers, and we create our products with the best quality oils, extracts, and botanical's. 

We hope you love our products as much as we love creating them. Join us be a part of our journey as we learn about different cultures, unique ingredients and natural beauty. We will share the stories of our farmers, suppliers, and customers . 


Miracle Hand Balm

This is a multi- purpose wonder product, a curative balm that soothes dry irritated skin conditions. It works wonders for dry, cracked hands . It helps to relieve red sore hands. Hand working hands love this soothing balm.  It assists with many conditions, and with its antiseptic properties takes the...

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