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natural artisan body scrubs and bath infusions

At Metamorphosis we create luxurious artisan body scrubs.  Our scrubs are created to evoke memories and transport your senses to exotic destinations, the lavender field’s of France, a summer spent in Muskoka, a skinny dip in Jamaica, the tropical beauty of Hawaii, or an espresso in a quaint Italian village.

We start with mineral rich pure sea salt, along with cane sugar to exfoliate dry skin cells, increase circulation, and leave you skin feeling revitalized, and silky smooth.  We do not use nut oils, only cold pressed vegan, and kosher oils are added to hydrate and moisturize your skin. Omega -rich natural oils will quench thirsty skin, and provide nutrients for a healthy glow.

In our scrubs you will find nature is alive and well with ingredients like detoxifying Nova Scotia sea weed, fair trade shea butter, cell renewing fruit extracts, berries, Coffee Arabica, Canadian Maple, and therapeutic plant oils. There are no synthetic fragrances, just aromatic essential oils to treat the senses, lift your mood, and revitalize your spirit. Our spa treatments are packaged in water proof bags so you can create your spa at home!

We choose to partner with small sustainable suppliers, and local farms that grow responsibly, and ethically to provide us with Canadian grown, as much as possible.
Canada has a diverse, and rich bounty from maple to cranberry, and locally harvested oil’s, this provides income to families, and employment. Creating with fresh ingredients is what makes our body scrubs unique.

Denise & Nicole