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Coffee scrub is known for its cellulite reducing properties, pure coffee oil- Coffee Arabica L from brazil is rich in firming properties, and smells like rich freshly brewed coffee. It is loaded with flavanoids, and antioxidants for the skin. It increases blood circulation and tightens the skin when used regularly we advise dry skin brushing with a lymphatic brush first to increase circulation.. Coffee oil lifts your spirits , energizes the body, and the mind and helps respiration.

We then add pure Canadian Maple a unique Canadian product exclusively by the concentration of sap from the maple tree. Maple Syrup is beneficial for the skin it contains manganese, riboflavin B2, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and zinc. 

The color of each small batch of scrub may change slightly by the range of color in the sap as production of season progresses , not by the addition of any caramel coloring agent.

We add Vanilla bean imported and alcohol free. Vanilla  is warming to the senses, it relaxes and relieves  the mind of tension.  Vanilla essential oil ( Vanilla planifolia) is added a superior bourbon oleoresin to calm and soothe the senses. Cane sugar, and hydrating oils are added to leave your skin smooth, revitalized feeling firmer, and scented with the natural warm scents.

Our male customer's love this scrub it's warm scent, and coffee not only leaves skin smelling great it also softens skin, and exfoliates dry skin. 

Best Seller!