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I Love Paris lavender sea salt soak

I Love Paris lavender sea salt soak


If you love the aromatic floral scent of lavender this will bring you to a field in Provence . Lavender is the soul of Provence. The properties of lavender oil are reknown, its known for its cell regenerating properties. There is now research being done on how lavender can suppress the "aging effects" of sunlight on the skin. 

Lavender can soothe bee stings, and burns . It is very good for acne , and skin abrasions.  Just inhaling the scent of lavender increases the alpha brain waves. It helps alleviate headache, depression, and insomnia. Our lavender oil (lavendula angustifolia) is blended with the warmth of the rich scent of Vanilla oil (vanilla oleoresin) to balance the floral, and bring a middle note in .

Blended with sea salt from the french Antilles, and the hydrating  grape seed oil with it's astringent effects( good for acne and sensitive skin).  We partner with a local Ontario farm ,to ensure our lavender flowers are fresh, and aromatic . 

This spa treatment (scrub) can be applied to the body to soothe and treat dry skin in the shower, or added to the bath as an aromatic mineral treatment to relax, and hydrate, and scent the skin with the beauty of lavender and vanilla oil. To de-stress and sleep well try this treatment.