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Miracle Hand Balm

Miracle Hand Balm


This is a multi- purpose wonder product, a curative balm that soothes dry irritated skin conditions. It works wonders for dry, cracked hands . It helps to relieve red sore hands. Hand working hands love this soothing balm. 

It assists with many conditions, and with its antiseptic properties takes the sting out of cuts, bites, and helps to soothe burns, and inflammation.

Many of our customers have this product in their gym bag . After a sunburn this is the product to apply with soothing tea tree oil and hemp oil. Its not only for hands , its safe to use on any area. 

We  add Australian Tea Tree Oil with Antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.  We use pure tea tree oil harvested from farms in Australia. Canadian Hemp Seed oil is added for deep hydration and does not clog pores.