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Restoration Blue Mallee Eucalyptus & Spruce Soak


 This mineral  Wild Black spruce and Eucalyptus soak was created to specifically relieve sore muscles, and stressed adrenal symptom's. In this fast paced stress filled life this soak will ease muscle pain, and chest congestion.  It has a balsamic resinous scent of fresh evergreen with woody notes, and is native to Canada. It is used by the Scandinavians for saunas.   We then blend  Blue Mallee Eucalyptus from Australia  with a fresh camphoraceous aroma loved by the aboriginal peoples of Australia. Having the highest cineol and eucalyptol among the Eucalyptus. Black spruce opens the lungs, supports depleted, and overworked adrenals. Helps muscular pains, asthma, bronchitis, coughs, and flu symptoms . the aroma is calming and elevating. 

Wild black spruce is thought to enhance yoga, and meditation practice. This is a best selling soak!