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Eucalyptus & Wild Black Spruce Restoration Bath Soak

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A walk through the forests of Northern Canada inspired this popular mineral soak.

Black Spruce is a tree found in 10 provinces, and the Arctic territories.  It’s also found in parts of the United States, in Alaska the great lakes region, and the upper North east. It is a slow growing tree ,20 meters tall, and 25 centimeters in diameter. It’s recognized by a cluster of branches at the top.

Forming a club or crow’s nest. It’s needles are blue-green short, stiff and four sided. It’s seed cones are small, purplish, and hang on the tree for several years its pollen cones are red.  It tolerates poor growing conditions, it really doesn’t need much of anything and is hearty. It’s frequently found in boggy areas, or swampy area’s along with sphagnum moss and horse tail.   Black Spruce forests are rich in wildlife, moose, muskrat mink , and many species of birds  are found in these forests.

The  aboriginal people made snowshoes and drying racks from the wood, and used the sap from the tree.  The Lakota used Black Spruce, it has a high content of esters, and it is grounding, and stimulating at the same time. It also has the ability to clear blockages emotional , and respiratory.  It will calm you, and it can also energize you if you are lethargic, and suffer from melancholy. Black spruce helps release feelings, and emotions, opens up the lungs, and respiratory system.  It is great to use during yoga and meditation and enhances the practice. Dr. Kurt Schnabelt says it regulates lung chi, and its high levels of monoterpenes helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses. It has a tonic affect on your adrenals, and  thyroid, and pituitary gland encouraging proper hormone equilibrium. Soaking in Restoration in the winter will help your winter lethargy and support your adrenals.

Black Spruce has analgesic and rubefacient properties and will ease muscle pain and stiffness, and bring blood flow to fatigued muscles. As a muscle soak its very relaxing. It is antiseptic, and works wonders on fatigues muscles, and a tired over stressed mind. It is relaxing, and helps a cold, or flu, and soothes tired muscles after a work out.  It is said to deepen meditation practice, and yoga practice.  This coniferous oil makes you feel centered, and strong and grounded like the tree that it originates from. 

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