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Best body scrub Cranberries Cranberry Scrub Happy Scrub Muskoka

First we harvest the cranberries from Canadian bogs these little berries are a storehouse

of antioxidant's , vitamin C and are considered a super-fruit we freeze them, and crush them into our blend of natural omega rich oils rich in vitamin E, and skin soothing properties.

The red color is natural we do not add synthetic colors our colors are provided from the bounty of mother nature. 

This scrub was inspired by the beauty of Muskoka the lakes, loons, sunsets, and endearing simplicity of the land.

Cranberries were used by the early natives to heal, and prevent vitamin deficiencies. They understood that the properties in cranberry healed the urinary tract, and prevented disease.

The cranberry bogs in the Muskoka region are beautiful, and part of Canada's food supply. They are added to Muskoka Scrub for their seeds, and fruit power.

We add pure natural Citrus oils to uplift your spirits orange oil, and pink grapefruit oil arre known to lift depression, and ease the blues of the winter months.
We call this scrub "happy scrub" because of the Citrus oils .

It will leave your skin feeling exfoliated, stimulated circulation is increased, and your skin feels refreshed from the citrus, as well as your spirits .

Forget the after lotion you won't need to apply any as the cold pressed coconut oil, and cold pressed vegan grape seed oils will leave a fine mist of replenishing oils on your skin. No synthetics here just pure goodness.

Muskoka Scrub~ 

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